Hotel by the sea in Bellaria with hydromassage pool

Hotel by the sea in Bellaria with hydromassage pool

Treat yourself to a relaxing holiday at the Universal Hotel, a seaside hotel in Bellaria with a hydromassage pool. Get ready to forget all the stress and tension of everyday routine and immerse yourself in the intense blue of our waters.

Of all the seaside hotels in Bellaria, the Universal Hotel is certainly the one where you can relax more.
The undisputed protagonist of comfort is our hydromassage pool, where you can swim even on the coldest days thanks to the heated water. A unique opportunity that rare to visit Bellaria outside the periods of greatest tourist influx. And with the whole family. Yes, because the pool of our hotel on the sea in Bellaria is a graduated height and allows even the little ones to have fun and dive safely, under the watchful eyes of their parents.

What better opportunity, then, to enjoy the warm embrace of a turquoise water if not a stay in the low season in our hotel in Bellaria with hydromassage pool?

The customers of our hotel on the sea in Bellaria with hydromassage pool will also have all the experience and skills of our masseurs and physiotherapists and can decide whether to undergo treatment in our massage area or directly in the room, throughout comfort. We are a hotel with wellness treatments in Bellaria that offers both aesthetic massages, such as ayurvedic, draining or relaxing, and real physiotherapy treatments, such as cervical or lumbar massage.

Dopo un pomeriggio all’insegna della pace, la ciliegina sulla torta di questo hotel panoramico a Bellaria è offerta dai piatti dell’ottima cucina del ristorante, ispirati alla tradizione romagnola e serviti in una sala con vetrata da cui è possibile ammirare i colori del mare e i riflessi del sole sulle onde. Dopo aver placato anche lo stomaco e la fame, chiunque voglia concedersi una serata all’aperto potrà chiedere alla nostra reception, aperta 24 ore al giorno, informazioni su cosa vedere a Bellaria e prendere ispirazione dalle proposte che questa piccola località ha da offrire. Rimanendo sempre nell’ottica del riposo.

After an afternoon of peace, the icing on the cake of this panoramic hotel in Bellaria is offered by the dishes of the excellent cuisine of the restaurant, inspired by the tradition of Romagna and served in a room with a window from which you can admire the colors of the sea and the reflections of the sun on the waves. After having calmed your stomach and hunger, anyone who wants to indulge in an evening out can ask our reception, open 24 hours a day, information on what to see in Bellaria and take inspiration from the proposals that this small town has to offer. Always remaining in the perspective of rest.

Come and experience hours of tranquility and peace in this extraordinary beach hotel in Bellaria with a hydromassage pool. We are ready to pamper you!

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